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Clear plastic septic tanks are watertight and completely protected to corrosion. They consider significantly less than concrete septic tanks making them much easier to install. Concrete septic tanks are very durable and can go on for several generations if properly managed. It's the quest of Allegiant Precast to provide the highest quality cement products in the precast industry while placing the industry standard for superior customer service. We embark on all residential, commercial, and professional projects for capture basins, metal framework and grates, engine oil separators, manholes, normal water reservoirs, concrete tanks, car parking curbs, street light/signal bases and other concrete products. We've the abilities and expertise necessary to ensure high-quality service and client satisfaction.concrete septic tank risers for sale
Our non-traffic rated precast concrete septic reservoir sizes range from to 300 to 3,500 gallons. Our traffic-rated precast concrete septic fish tank sizes range from 600 to 8,000 gallons. Single Compartment , Two Area , and Three Area tanks as well as custom tanks are also available. Just click here for our Quick reference point tank sizing sheet.
Our concrete septic tanks are categorized as Category #3. This meets certain standards for septic tanks. Our tanks are designed to last. Because there is you don't need to wait for the concrete to harden on the webpage, precast septic tanks can be immediately installed. Their modularity also really helps to increase the installation process. This can help you avoid a lengthy project time.
GRAVITY SEPTIC TANKS - Our precast cement residential septic tanks give Oregon homeowners a trusted solution for wastewater management systems. Precast concrete septic tanks from Waite Cement Products, LLC are strong, watertight, green, and suitable for any residential waste material management system. Our precast concrete septic tanks are created with a steel rebar cage and fiber content mesh for extra toughness, to meet your required sizes and all are easily installed at your home as well.
Precast cement on-site wastewater tanks have a specific gravity of 2.40 which allows the reservoir to resist buoyant forces better than a tank made from lightweight materials. Designed for durability and strength, our products range between Structural Precast, concrete drinking water storage space tanks and septic tanks, utility sheds, drainage and infrastructure products to tilt panels, beams, stairs, bridges and package culverts. Custom precast and one off items are no issue for our skilled development team.

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